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Project SEED high school interns

Funding Request

In the space provided below itemize your estimated income and expenses for this activity.

Item - Vendor : $Cost

1 Pepperoni Pizza - Jaguar Pizza Co. : $7.00
1 Cheese Pizza - Jaguar Pizza Co. : $7.00

What is the perceived need for the activity and how will this activity meet the need?

Describe the activity in narrative form and include step by step process of completing the activity.

Student organization understands that itemized receipt, which can be a photo copy or an emailed receipt from the vendor, are required.

Student organization understands that a receipt that notes it was paid is required. This might appear as “Visa” or “MasterCard” in the receipt, or it might show a zero balance. Some students pay cash, but the council recommends using a credit card.

Student organization understands that if purchasing from a place where there’s a rewards program (Speedy Rewards Card, Marsh or Kroger card), NOT TO USE the rewards card, even if reduces the cost of the items. University policy sees this as the individual benefiting from the purchase (as in fuel points) as well as receiving a refund.

Student organization understands that ALL reimbursements must be processed within 60 days or are subject to tax.